Okay, first I should say the Rookie Moms of The Rookie Mom blog do not know I exist.  But I love them.  Or the Rookie Mom blog at least.

My dear Sam who was a BFF long before blogs or babies or husbands (or, frankly, puberty) turned me on to them (along with like 800 other awesome things), and I am so regularly in love with the stuff they post.  So again, for all you prego friends, add this one to your blog roll.

Today they had a guest post about positive parenting.  With a non-verbal child, positive parenting is still something that is sort of intangible to me because I feel like most of my parenting is done in the form of hugs and laughing and tickling and taking away sharp objects.  But I can start to see the edges of two-way communication and (yikes!) discipline heading our way and the article let me start to think about how I want to approach these* situations in the future.

*situations like this:
Mom: (shaking head “no”) Milo, do not eat those flowers
Milo: (shaking head “no” and smiling) (pause) (stuff as many flowers as possible into mouth all at once)

They also just had a post today that was about what you wanted to be when you grow up, but buried inside was a mention of gratitude practices.  I like this.  I think that I want to start doing this as a family.  As an individual, I have always made an effort to more or less be constantly thanking everyone all the time and trying to tell people how awesome they are and telling my husband how much I love him because I just like to do that.  It feels good to say it and thanks are the words that come out of my mouth that I know I will never want to take back later.   But I think that making this a family practice might be a nice way to sort of re-center everyone back on the truly important parts of our lives.  We aren’t religious or involved in a faith community of any sort by choice, but that shouldn’t mean that we don’t take time to be thankful for all the really awesome things in our lives.

So today, in additional to feeling thankful for Rookie Moms, I’m thankful for:

  • Milo sleeping through the night and being cuddly in the morning
  • Cool weather so I can be outside without hating everything
  • My patio as a means to enjoy that outside
  • A day of daycare so I get ready for the semester to start
  • Antibiotics for my cat’s bladder infection
  • Amazon’s  Prime free 2-day shipping
  • A good looking clean shaven husband
  • Doughnut peaches
  • Bev at the Husqvarna shop who fixed my sewing machine
  • Telephones

What are you feeling thankful for?

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